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Our Material Factors

While we monitor, manage and report on a wide variety of issues, key to our approach is focusing our resources on material sustainability risks and opportunities that are associated with each material factor. This allows us to best meet stakeholder needs and ensure the long term success of our business.



In our business, our people are our most important asset. Happy, productive and motivated employees would in turn provide a great customer experience. With the formidable competition regionally, the key to survival is retaining and growing our talents to be future ready and resilient to face new challenges in the constantly changing business environment.

As a capital market operator, acquiring and developing the best talent is central to our growth and success. We do our best to support our employees' career progression and strongly advocate continuous development where our employees are given ample opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills. We are committed to being an inclusive and equal opportunity employer. Furthermore, we look after the well-being of our employees and provide a healthy and safe working environment. We believe this is vital to develop a high performing workforce that can deliver on our mission and ensure that we continue to be dynamic and relevant.

In moving Bursa Malaysia towards a world-class High Performance Organisation (HPO), we devised a Human Resources strategy which is anchored in three change levers, as follows:

For more information on how we managed and engaged our talents in 2017, please read our Sustainability Report 2017, which is available here.